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We offer our customers three options of cleaning render: System 1) Lightning Treatment. This is a fast-acting solution that rapidly removes staining from the rendered surface showing instant results. It offers the near-immediate cleaning effect that many customers want. System 2) Bio Treatment. This will kill the algae, lichen fungus and mould spores and will provide a degree of ongoing residual protection. This is a slower process that shows results between 48 hours and 2 weeks, and the surfaces will continue to naturally self-cleanse over the next 12 months. System 3) Treatment & Maintain This is systems 1 and 2. This is the optimum treatment. This gives the "instantly clean" effect and exceptionally powerful ongoing cleaning effect over 12 months to remove any remaining staining. Two leading manufacturers of render – Weber and Krend – have confirmed that our systems are safe to use on their products and will have no detrimental effects.

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Render Cleaning
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